Clinical Negligence

Grade 4 pressure sore due to failings in care provided at a resident nursing home

This medical negligence case arose out of the care provided to Mrs D whilst a resident at a care home.

Mrs D was severely incapacitated since a dense stroke in 2003. This led to left-sided weakness and in need of help with daily activities such as washing, dressing and eating. Given that Mrs D could not move her left side effectively, it was clear that she was at a high risk of developing pressure sores.

Whilst a resident, Mrs D was assessed as requiring a change in her position every 2 hours, to minimise the risk of skin deterioration.

On 6 June 2016, a sacral wound was noted. This was documented the following day as a Grade 3 pressure sore. No further action was taken until the tissue viability nurse (“TVN”) visited on 20 June 2016 – by which stage, the wound had deteriorated to a Grade 4 pressure sore.

On 4 July 2016, further wounds were noted on Mrs D’s left ankle and left big toe. The TVN noted that there was no care plan for the management of these sores at all.

Mrs D was subsequently moved to a different nursing home.

On 18 July 2017, Mrs D was admitted to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings with sepsis as a result of an infection thought to have stemmed from the sacral sore. This sore was unlikely to heal.

Christina acted for Mrs D, through her deputy and litigation friend.

Expert evidence from a tissue viability nurse confirmed that there had been failings in Mrs D’s care which resulted in pressure damage on pressure points. Had Mrs D been repositioned at the prescribed 2 hourly intervals, she would not have developed any pressure damage.

Christina contacted the nursing home and subsequently received a response from their insurer admitting liability for the injuries. Following negotiations, the matter was settled and compensation awarded.

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