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Helping a client to incorporate solar into their farm

Our client, the farmer, was looking to make two key changes to his farm. He wanted to build over part of the land to create a solar farm and sell off another part of the farm for development.

With regards to the solar farm, in which we have extensive experience, we liaised with the client’s lender to release the charge over this part of the land and to grant the easements that would be required for the creation and operation of the solar farm over other land.

We then advised him on selling off another part of the farm for development. This involved changing an access route and easements.

Both changes came with a degree of complexity.  We planned the matter in order of priority so we were able to comply with planning conditions and site and solar farm grid connections before  amending restrictions on the farm’s title.

Our client is delighted that he has successfully completed the diversification of his farming business with the minimum of fuss.

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