Managing trusts and tax

Inheritance Tax for non-UK domiciled deceased

After assessing the domicile position of the deceased, we assisted the family in reporting and preparing the inheritance tax account for the estate.  On this occasion, the deceased was non-UK domiciled for inheritance tax purposes and only the UK assets of the deceased needed to be reported and subject to UK inheritance tax.

The estate included various shares of property, outstanding loans from UK-resident family members, cash and lifetime gifting.  We advised the family which of these assets needed to be included within the IHT reporting and assisted in organising the payment of the inheritance tax using the ‘direct payment scheme’.

We have also assisted in applying for the first grant of representation in England & and Wales in order to administer the English estate.  Whilst on this occasion a reseal is not an available option, we are still relying on the Court order issued in Poland confirming who is entrusted to administer the estate in Poland for an application under rule 30 Non-Contentious Probate Rules 1987.

We have also assisted the non-UK domiciled beneficiaries of the estate with tax planning advice to limit their own potential exposure to UK Inheritance Tax.

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