Multi-party claim in relation to numerous defects with a new build property

We acted for the Claimants in a multi-party dispute concerning a range of defects with a new build property which they had purchased for approximately £1.5 million.

We pursued claims against the developer that sold the property to the Claimants, and also against the insurer who had issued a new build policy for the property. Through detailed analysis we were able to narrow the issues significantly in advance of a without prejudice meeting with all parties.

During the without prejudice meeting we managed to obtain a favourable settlement for our clients. Included in this settlement were terms by which the original contractor’s glazing subcontractor agreed to carry out substantial remedial works to the large areas of glazing on carefully defined terms, by which the specification and sign off of the works was a matter for our client’s expert building surveyor, along with a financial settlement for the other aspects of the claim.

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