Clinical Negligence

Patient discharged from fracture clinic who required ongoing clinical and radiological review

This medical negligence case arose out of the care provided to Mrs B.

On 8 April 2017, Mrs B fell in her back garden and broke her left femur just below the ball socket into the hip. Intramedullary nail fixation surgery took place on 9 April 2017. An intramedullary nail is a metal rod that is inserted into the bone and across the fracture in order to provide a solid support for the fractured bone. She was discharged from hospital on 27 April 2017.

On 19 June 2017, at a follow up appointment in the fracture clinic, Mrs B was told that there were no signs of healing of the fracture itself, but that this would happen in due course. She was discharged.

Following discharge, Mrs B returned to her GP on several occasions with pain. She underwent physiotherapy.

Due to the ongoing pain, Mrs B was referred to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in October 2018.

On 9 November 2018 Mrs B was advised that the fracture had not healed and the metalwork was broken. She needed revision surgery.

Mrs B had revision surgery on 18 January 2019. The reason for this was non-union and previous broken device.

Upon receipt of Mrs B’s collated medical records, a witness statement was drafted.

Shortly thereafter, supportive expert evidence was obtained from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Mrs B was then seen by our expert for a condition and prognosis report.

A letter of claim was sent to the Trust, in which our allegations of negligence were put to the defendant. A response was received admitting wrongdoing. The claim settled shortly thereafter for £13,500.

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