Provision of construction documentation for aparthotel and advice on adjudication

We have drafted all relevant construction documents required for our client’s major refurbishment of its London aparthotel, including those relating to various contractors and a multitude of design and non-design consultants.

We have guided the client carefully through the documentation process as they are unfamiliar with the UK construction industry. We have dealt with the property’s Grade II listing, specific design complications and the novation of numerous construction documents to a different company within our client’s group.

In addition, we have assisted our client in dealing with major problems faced as a result of the contractor failing to proceed diligently. We provided advice on the client’s defence of a complex adjudication brought by the contractor for an extension of time, leading to a huge increase in the cost of the project. We are also helping our client to resolve the continuing delay, failure to resource properly and complex mechanical and electrical problems.

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