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Teenager brain damaged after being struck by car on rural road

Our client, Mr P was walking down a grass verge on a country lane when he was struck by a car, driving at 50-55 mph, at night. He sustained severe brain injuries and multiple musculoskeletal injuries. Our personal injury lawyers were able to settle his case for a multimillion pound settlement, to enable him to have the care he requires.

Mr P who was 13 years old at the time of the accident had been walking on a rural road in East Sussex at approximately 9pm at night.  The defendant failed to see Mr P, despite the fact that the car in front had pulled out to avoid Mr P.

He struck Mr P causing him to suffer a fractured skull and a severe brain injury, alongside multiple musculoskeletal injuries.  His injuries were life threatening, however he was sent to one of the recently-established Major Trauma Centres at Kings College Hospital.

Physically, Mr P continues to suffer from weakness, particularly in his left lower leg.  He also suffers from frontal lobe dysfunction and bilateral hemianopia (blindness across half his vision).  In principle he has problems with his cognition (acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses).  His memory is poor, his attention and motivation are also compromised.  The frontal brain injuries caused major problems in with disinhibition (lack of restraint i.e. disregard for social conventions, impulsivity, and poor risk assessment).  Mr P will require 24 hour background supervision throughout his life to keep him safe, given his cognitive difficulties.

The Brain Injury team successfully negotiated a multi-million pound settlement in full and final satisfaction of Mr P’s claim.  This award will allow Mr P to have the best treatment and rehabilitation available.  Unfortunately the prospects of Mr P living a full and normal life are remote; it is unlikely he will be able to maintain a job and live completely unsupervised.  However this compensation award will allow Mr P to be able to live in the community.

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