Thomson Snell & Passmore advises a new data business on data protection compliance

Our client, Lifeproven Limited is working on an exciting new data initiative aimed at understanding how homes impact on health. We advised Lifeproven on the data protection implications of their venture, including starting a data audit in order to inform the preparation of an appropriately drafted privacy policy.

Comments, “I am always interested to hear from entrepreneurs and particularly those working with technology in new ways. I love that entrepreneurs are excited for their projects and will take risks and I enjoy engaging with their new ideas and considering how the law will apply. I worked in start-ups and small businesses for 14 years and I love their ‘can-do’ energy. Businesses that gather, refine and add-value to data are the new resource pioneers and data is now regularly being compared by commentators to oil in terms of its value and necessity for building modern economies.

In order to support such businesses, the important thing is to listen a bit, consider the issues and ask questions, in order to properly understand what our clients are trying to achieve. And then, I will jump-in with some initial thoughts and considerations about the areas of law that are likely to be engaged – I want to ensure our clients are aware of any pitfalls. Following such a discussion, usually there are some deliverables needed, such as detailed research, contracts or policy documents.

In the case of Lifeproven, the GDPR was engaged by their business model and a privacy policy that looked to the future as well as the current of the business opportunity was required.

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