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Thomson Snell & Passmore represent substantial farming partnership

In 2017 Thomson Snell & Passmore were invited to represent a substantial farming partnership in connection with all of its legal affairs.

We have since advised the partnership in the purchase of a large part of an estate adjacent to its existing farms over which the partnership had old and new tenancy agreements. This involved dealing with several complex legal titles, a pre-emption agreement to purchase retained land in the future, surrendering old leases in whole and in part, and entering into a new tenancy agreement over other estate land owned by a third party.

We have also advised the partnership in connection with complex financing that was taken by the partnership, putting in place a new partnership agreement and we will provide on going advice to the partnership about diversification of its businesses and development land, as well as assisting the family with the preparation of their wills and the creation of family trusts.

We are delighted to have been appointed as the partnership’s legal advisors and we look forward to developing a lasting relationship with the business and the family. Our appointment demonstrates that the team’s personal approach, keenness to understand the farm’s business and enthusiasm for meeting client’s at their homes/on site is valued.

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