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Thomson Snell & Passmore secures settlement for cyclist in Tunbridge Wells who fractured both his wrists

This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Personal Injury team who recently secured a settlement for a cyclist who fractured both of his wrists when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car.

Our client sustained bilateral Smiths fractures, basically fractures to both of his wrists. His wrists were manipulated and one of them operated on and fixed with a metal plate. Both wrists were put in plaster for many weeks and our client struggled to do the simplest of things like holding a drink or going to the toilet.

As well as these physical injuries, the gentleman also suffered with a number of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He was extremely anxious about riding his bike on the road again and kept reliving the accident.

Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers based at Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Tunbridge Wells office, secured an early admission of liability from the defendant’s insurance company and arranged for an immediate needs assessment to be completed. This assessment was paid for by the defendant’s insurers.

The rehabilitation assessment identified that our client needed hand therapy to help him recover from his physical injuries and regain as much movement in his wrists as possible. He also needed cognitive behavioural therapy to help him recover from his psychological injuries. This treatment was paid for by the defendant’s insurers and it meant that our client got the treatment he needed quickly.

There was a significant risk that the client would develop carpal tunnel syndrome in the future and require decompression surgery on both wrists as well as the removal of any metal used to fix the fractures.

The team were successful in securing a substantial settlement for this client including the cost of surgery that he may require in the future.

We have one of the leading personal injury departments in the South East of England and are proud to have a very strong reputation for accident claims and the depth and range of experience to provide you with an excellent service, whatever the nature of your claim.

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