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Transport & Logistics: SCC Arbitration

Our Transport & Logistics team regularly act in disputes arising out of the international sale of goods for clients based locally, nationally and internationally.

The team are currently engaged in arbitration proceedings under the rules of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce (“SCC”) on behalf of global suppliers of frozen fish based in Hong Kong in dispute with Belgian buyers, one of Europe’s largest distributors.

The precise facts of the dispute are confidential.

Various contracts were entered into incorporating standard terms with respect to quantity, assortment, delivery and price agreed by the parties with a total value exceeding USD 1,500,000.

Buyers failed to honour the final contract in a series of contracts without any explanation.  Various attempts were made by our client to resolve matters commercially but when these discussions proved fruitless arbitration proceedings under the SCC rules (as stipulated in the contracts) were commenced.

In addition to the substantive sum outstanding under the contract our clients claimed consequential losses and damages incurred as a result of the non-payment and breach of the contract, including loss of profits, cancelled contracts, financial and cash-flow losses caused by the late and/or non-payment of the sums owing and other consequential losses. Clients further claimed interest and legal costs.

The team are working closely with lawyers in Belgium in respect of this matter.

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