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Undercover security officer recovers damages for injuries following an assault at work

This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Personal Injury team who recently recovered a six figured sum for an undercover security officer who was assaulted by a suspected shop lifter.

The client sustained nasty injuries to his forearm, after it was dragged through broken glass, and an injury to his leg, after it was stamped on. The claimant also developed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) given the seriousness of the attack and the resulting injuries.

The claim was brought against the client’s employers. They failed to give adequate training and encouraged staff to pursue suspects by offering an incentive bonus scheme for ‘arrests’ made.

The case proceeded to court and was disputed. Shortly before a liability only trial agreement was reached regarding liability. The case then continued with further evidence being obtained in order to value the claim. The client’s employers disputed the extent and nature of our client’s injuries which were complicated by the fact that the claimant developed multiple sclerosis (MS) during proceedings which was unrelated to his injuries.

Ultimately the case was settled out of court shortly before the trial where the Court would have valued our client’s claim.

Thomson Snell & Passmore continues to assist the client with advice regarding personal injury trusts to protect his compensation which will be needed for is uncertain future.

We have one of the leading personal injury departments in the South East of England and are proud to have a very strong reputation for accident claims and the depth and range of experience to provide you with an excellent service, whatever the nature of your claim.

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