Job opportunities

Why Thomson Snell & Passmore?

Above all, the way we work at Thomson Snell & Passmore is driven by a simple but very powerful reality. Respect. When you work here, you will be a valued part of a progressive, innovative and supportive team.

We respect relationships

Building strong relationships, with clients, industry peers and colleagues underpins all that we do. You will be part of an inclusive team, one that combines a culture of openness, diversity and collaboration. We will always take the time to listen, then respond quickly and intelligently, to give you the encouragement and support you need.

We respect your career

You will have the opportunity to work with true leaders in their field, learning from some of the best in the industry and you will experience an extensive depth and breadth of work. Your contribution and progress are essential parts of our plan for success.

We respect achievement

Your well-being is a critical part of enabling you to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients. So, our ambition naturally includes the creation of a stimulating workplace, with a healthy work-life balance and a rewarding career.

We respect you

You can rely on us to treat you as an individual. We will treat everyone equally, and communicate with clarity. We will trust you with the freedom and autonomy to work in a way that enables you to be your best. We will always be straightforward, but considerate.