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17 October 2022

Transport & Logistics October 2022

In our latest collection of insights from across the Transport & Logistics sector, we highlight some of the key legal topics that are impacting our clients at the moment. Warehousing space is currently at a particular premium.

In a series of articles, we explore the significant increase in the number of warehouse contract terminations and how these can be best handled; we look at best practice in revising standard terms in warehousing contracts and we highlight the importance of due diligence when negotiating a warehouse lease.

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 has now come into force and we examine what this means for businesses. Our employment team also look at the impact of the spate of recent strikes on the industry, and what businesses can do to minimise the impact of these.

Finally, for those who have been following the long-running proposed redevelopment of Manston Airport in East Kent, you will be interested to read our insight on the latest development here.

If you have any questions about these, or any other Transport & Logistics related topics, please do get in touch.

Termination of warehousing contracts

Warehousing capacity in the UK is currently very limited. The demand for storage space is significantly outstripping supply. Unsurprisingly given current market conditions this has led to a significant increase in the number of contract terminations by storage providers. James Cradick looks at the legalities of this.

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Key considerations when negotiating an industrial unit lease

Taking a lease of an industrial unit is a big commitment, with various steps involved and the growth in industrial lettings driven by logistic demand has seen an expansion of warehouses and hubs in strategic parts of the country. Here, Joanne Wright highlights the due diligence that needs to be done when negotiating a lease.

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The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 – what does this mean for my transport business?

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 is aimed at deterring illegal entry into the UK. The majority of the provisions contained within the Act came into force in June 2022. Charlie Wood highlights what this means for businesses going forward.

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Warehousing – revisiting standard industry terms

With shortage of space, increased demand and spiralling rent, warehouse contracts entered into previously are being scrutinised carefully by storage providers with a long line of new customers at their doors. James Cradick revisits some key standard industry terms.

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How can employers reduce the impact of strike action in the transport and logistics sector?

Workers at the Port of Felixstowe went on strike on 27 September for eight days after negotiations over pay broke down. This adds to the list of strikes this autumn, with further strikes on the railways and Royal Mail taking place in October. Ben Stepney looks at how employers can help to minimise the disruption caused by industrial action.

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The redevelopment of Manston Airport

A number of businesses and individuals have tried, and failed, to successfully bid for Manston Airport in East Kent, with a view to its redevelopment. A US consortium – Riveroak Strategic Partners (RSP) – has now been given approval to redevelop that airport with that work anticipated to commence late next year, although this is subject to appeal, as Charlie Wood explores.

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