Senior Paralegal, Court of Protection

Christina Dartnell

Christina has over 35 years of experience in Court of Protection work and wide ranging experience in administering the finances of those who are incapacitated due to an acquired brain injury, birth trauma, mental health problems, learning difficulties or dementia.

Prior to joining Thomson Snell & Passmore in 2007, Christina was a Lord Chancellor’s Visitor, a role she held for some 12 years. This involved reporting to the Court of Protection on the circumstances and welfare of their clients and investigating and reporting on specific issues at the Court’s direction, and advising and guiding Deputies in their duties.

Since joining Thomson Snell & Passmore Christina has been fundamental in developing many of the systems and practices that have assisted the team in gaining the reputation that it now has.

Christina Dartnell

Specialisms & expertise

  • Advising on and preparing a wide range of deputyship and other applications to the Court of Protection
  • Managing cases where there are complex care regimes
  • Managing cases where there are large damages awards, high value assets, multiple property ownership, business interests etc
  • Managing cases where the assets are in this country but the client is resident overseas
  • Managing cases where the client has assets overseas
  • Making Statutory Will applications to the Court of Protection in cases where partners here act as deputy and also for lay deputies
  • Drafting expert witness statements dealing with Court of Protection and deputyship costs.

Examples of work

Client involved in a road accident as a child

Damages award for birth trauma

Client involved in a road accident as a child and left blind as a result