Advising on a settlement agreement

Our client was invited to a meeting by his employer and was informed that they were making our client redundant. The client had no prior warning of this so had no time to seek alternative employment. Considering this fact and upon advising our client on the settlement agreement, it was clear that there were various amendments to be made to the contents of the settlement agreement.

In light of the circumstances, the team effectively negotiated with our client’s employer to successfully agree an: extension of the Termination Date being pushed back by 10 calendar days to assist our client in finding alternative employment and added income; increase in his ex-gratia payment of almost £6,000; and increase in the legal fee contribution, effectively doubling his employer’s contribution to avoid our client having to spend their own money on our advice.

On this occasion we were able to deliver peace of mind to our client for his living costs whilst he found alternative employment.

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