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Apprentice electrician exposed to asbestos at work

Between 1951 and 1953, Mr H was employed with Richard Klinger Limited at their factory in Orpington, Kent as an apprentice electrician. During the course of his employment he was regularly exposed to asbestos dust.

A vast number of hessian sacks containing asbestos were piled up in the basement where they were then taken to the carding room to be crushed and spun. The atmosphere in the basement and carding room was thick with asbestos dust which Mr H inhaled on a daily basis.

In 2014 Mr H developed shortness of breath on exertion. After two months he complained to his GP, who sent him for a chest x-ray at Maidstone Hospital. This showed a right pleural effusion.

Because of his history of asbestos exposure a CT was ordered which showed plural (lung) nodules which were suspicious of metastases. Mr H underwent pleural aspiration which showed evidence of mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure.

Our specialist industrial disease lawyers, acted for Mr H in his claim for compensation. We obtained medical evidence which confirmed Mr H’s life expectancy was 3-5 months. Due to Mr H’s short life expectancy proceedings were drafted and an offer of settlement was quickly put forward to the defendant.  We successfully obtained an out-of-court settlement of £90,000 during Mr H’s lifetime.

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