The Court of Protection & deputies

Chaotic finances hid financial abuse, theft and an un-administered estate

By the time one of our team were appointed as our client’s deputy, their finances had fallen into disarray.  Their care home fees had never been paid and they had little liquid assets, with the main assets being the matrimonial home and a piece of land.

This matter was complicated because of family tensions between all of the children and the allegations of financial abuse which they had levelled at each other. In carrying out an extensive review of our client’s estate the team discovered that our client’s spouse had left them their estate in their Will. However, this had never been administered.   It also became clear that there had been abuse of our client’s finances, and that a mobile chalet home had been stolen.  The financial abuse was reported to the Police with the team making the appropriate statements and the suspect is currently being investigated.

The team were able to put the finances in order and placed the property on the market for sale.  Assurance policies that had lapsed through lack of payment were rectified by obtaining additional evidence of lack of capacity during the period in question.

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