The Court of Protection & deputies

Protecting damages awarded to medical negligence client

Our client had secured a high value compensation award in a previous medical negligence claim. They needed advice and support protecting the fund, which had to provide for the client’s day-to-day needs and expenses as well as long-term care.

The trust management team were able to work cooperatively with the beneficiary to administer the fund, ensuring the client has all the support they need, as well as preparing and producing annual accounts for the fund, undertaking regular cash flow monitoring.

The team were able to draw upon the firm’s network of connections in the specialist care industry including property specialists who could undertake necessary adaptations at the client’s home, care case managers who would support the client’s ongoing therapy and equipment needs, and the firm’s employment team who were able to ensure continuity of carers for added peace of mind. Offering all of these services under one roof provided a central point of contact for the client and helped to make arrangements as quick and cost efficient as possible.

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