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Compensation recovered for wife of former carpenter who died of mesothelioma

Jonathan Herbert, specialist industrial disease lawyer acting for the claimant successfully settled a claim on behalf of the Executors of Mr A’s Estate to compensate for his pain and suffering and financial losses due to death from mesothelioma caused by negligent exposure to asbestos dust when working as a carpenter from 1954 to 1967.

Mr A developed mesothelioma as a result of being negligently exposed to substantial quantities of asbestos dust on a daily basis.  His duties involved sanding down asbestos sheets with a belt sander.  This work generated large quantities of asbestos dust into the atmosphere.  At the end of each day he had to sweep up the asbestos dust which had settled on the floor.  The asbestos dust settled on his clothes. He travelled home in clothing covered with dust which he shook from his clothes and brushed out of his hair.  No mask or other kind of protective equipment was provided for his use.

The employer took seven months to accept that valid insurance cover had been in place over the deceased’s period of employment and then delayed in admitting liability by over six further months.  Eventually, a fair settlement of £100,000 was agreed.

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