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Estate of non-domiciled high networth individual

Stuart Goodbody was approached by a non-resident individual to unlock the UK estate of a non-dom family member who had died. The non-dom had been based in South Asia but no steps had been taken to distribute the estate in the country due to a family dispute. Both the law and procedure were complex and Stuart had to work with a large number of beneficiaries in a range of countries, many of whom were initially suspicious. Stuart’s persistence, attention to detail and professionalism allowed him to cut through the legal tangle, winning the trust of the beneficiaries in the process. His work ensured that the UK estate could be administered and significant funds distributed. This also allowed our client to make progress with estate in other parts of the in the world. Thomson Snell & Passmore’s  international connections enabled Stuart to appoint and work with a lawyer in another European jurisdiction in order to make further progress.

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