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Fleetdown Community Centre

Fleetdown Community Centre (Fleetdown) is a charity run by a committee of volunteers from members of the local community.

The employment team were consulted by Fleetdown to assist them in respect of dealing with an employee who performed three roles for the centre.  Each role had a different hourly rate. On a review of the working practices of the employee it was identified that the employee had been overlapping time and had been carrying out two and in some instances three of the roles at the same time resulting in the employee receiving double and even triple pay.  Further investigations identified that the employee had potentially been making a secret profit and had been receiving payments from third parties to carry out work that the centre paid them to do. The cost of taking advise was a significant factor but they wished to ensure that they followed a fair and legal process. With this always at the forefront of our minds we advised Fleetdown on how to prepare and conduct a disciplinary hearing. As a result we were able to provide the centre with certainty that they would not go over budget and reassurance that we were able to assist them every step of the way to reach a satisfactory outcome.

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