Clinical Negligence

Inappropriate rectal surgery also performed negligently

Our client, Miss J attended the Princess Royal University Hospital with rectal problems but because the surgeon in question failed to carry out a pre-operative examination, canvas alternative conservative treatment options and advised an inappropriate procedure which was then not even performed properly, she was left with disastrous results.

The operation, a stapled anopexy, was a failure.  Not only did it fail to alleviate Miss J’s symptoms, they worsened significantly and she suffered severe post-operative complications.

In the aftermath of the surgery Miss J experienced severe pain and toileting difficulties.  She was prescribed laxatives.  She was readmitted to the hospital as an emergency case by ambulance where 1.5 litres of urine were catheterised from her bladder in A&E.  She was given Morphine and Tramadol after being admitted.

Miss J then underwent a further examination under general anaesthetic.  A large haematoma was identified but it was not amenable to surgery.  She discharged with Oromorph.  Miss J remained heavily symptomatic ever since despite stretch of stricture.

As a result of her  stapled anopexy Miss J suffered, and continues to suffer:

(a)        Severe post-operative complications requiring the readmission to the hospital and further surgery.

(b)        A new prolapsed haemorrhoid.

(c)        Flatus incontinence.

(d)        Soiling

(e)        Bowel urgency.

(f)        Impaired rectal evacuation.

(g)        Bloating.

(h)        Pain.

(i)         Scarring.

(j)         Psychological and psychosexual sequelae; anxiety, loss of confidence, social inhibition, embarrassment, shame, low mood, tearfulness anxiety and mood swings.

(k)        Uninvestigated rectal polyps.

The effect of Miss J’s injuries has been severe.  She required extensive further medical attendances and consultations.  Her daily activities were severely compromised.  Her sex life became almost non-existent.  She experienced a delayed return to work and has only coped with great difficulty and with extensive adjustments on the part of her employer.

These symptoms continue.  Miss J’s condition was expected only to deteriorate.  Further invasive treatment options are likely to be necessary.  Her employment position was precarious in the extreme.

The case was defended and was close to trial.

Jonathan Herbert, specialist clinical negligence lawyer, acted for Miss J in her claim for compensation and negotiated an out-of-court settlement.

Jonathan Herbert specialises in clinical negligence cases.  If you would like to ask Jonathan a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any personal injury claim, contact Jonathan Herbert at Thomson Snell & Passmore solicitors on 01892 701126 in confidence.

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