Protecting & passing on wealth

Peace of mind for generations of family beneficiaries

Trusts are created for many different purposes, and for a variety of family circumstances. Often trusts are made within a will and will only be established upon death, at a time when the testator will not be around to ensure that his or her wishes are carried out. The responsibility is instead left to the deceased’s chosen trustees, who should be carefully selected to make sure the trust is running effectively and fit for purpose.

Having advised a family in excess of 18 years, Helen Stewart has gained an extensive working knowledge of the specific family circumstances, relationships and assets. This has allowed her to add value as a lead trustee by guiding co-trustees to ensure the trust fund remains well protected and is used only as appropriate between the many different beneficiaries. This is particularly useful to avoid conflict in decision making, particularly where beneficiaries may not all be on speaking terms, or have competing interests.

This longstanding relationship has allowed for meaningful insight to the everyday decisions of the trust and an even-handedness to the trust administration. Given the long-running nature of the trust, we have also been able to take advantage of tax planning opportunities for many of the original beneficiaries of the trust who now have their own children and grandchildren to provide for.

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