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The importance of obtaining specialist advice when dealing with shares held in trust

Mark advised the trustees of a discretionary trust on various issues relating to a legacy of shares in a family trading company.  The deceased’s Will left shares worth around £15 million to the trust.

Mark advised on the tax and other advantages of retaining the shares within the trust, and how the trust could be restructured to provide for different branches of the family in a tax-efficient way.  Mark also advised on the implications of terminating the trust, which was the preferred option, and he prepared the documentation.

Mark worked closely with our Corporate team, who advised on various matters involving the company, including new Articles and other documents relating to the acquisition of the shares by family members, following the termination of the trust.

It was very important for the trustees to obtain specialist advice on these matters, in view of the significant value of the shareholding. Thomson Snell & Passmore was well placed to advise on all of the options available to the trustees, as the firm has a wide range of expertise, with lawyers working across teams to provide sound solutions for clients.

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