Agriculture & Rural Property

Probate sale of complex farming estate and farming business

Thomson Snell & Passmore multi-disciplinary team were able to provide a seamless, expert and sensitive service to a farming family with a farming company and a mixture of residential and agricultural property.

We acted for a farming family where a mother died leaving a house with land and shares in a family farming company. The executors wished to sell the house and land and the family wished to sell the company and some associated farmland. We were able to provide an expert multi-disciplinary team including Sue Lister (Commercial Property) and Sue Lambert (Probate). The team ensured that the family were treated sensitively throughout and Sue Lister co-ordinated matters with the family’s existing land management team. We advised on maximising tax relief by selling the land in stages. We also prepared the land transfers, which were complicated by the need to protect the family’s retained land and restrict the future use of the land being sold. It was also necessary to transfer land to the company to ensure that it had adequate access and rights to carry on farming.

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