Providing an updated suite of GDPR-compliant documents for a UK-based ventilation company

This UK company supplying ventilating equipment needed advice on GDPR and in particular, assistance in respect of their website privacy policy, externally facing privacy notice and non-disclosure agreement.  With the benefit of our extensive knowledge of GDPR, the department created a suite of GDPR compliant documents and advised on the necessity to address the issue of transfers of data to outside the EEA, where no data protection could be guaranteed, and the risks involved.

The department also created a model GDPR compliant consent form for use by the client when customers were receiving supplies from abroad, and therefore managed the risk of non-compliance with the GDPR. Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in fines of up to €20m (or the sterling equivalent) or up to 4% of an organisation’s total annual turnover, and the department was pleased to help its client reduce the risk of such penalties.

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