Clinical Negligence

Six figure settlement for patient who suffered an avoidable stroke

George Liley, specialist clinical negligence lawyer, successfully achieved a six figure sum settlement to compensate a claimant who suffered a large stroke following negligence by his treating clinicians.

Three years prior to his large stroke, the claimant underwent a CT scan after presenting at hospital with a head injury. The CT scan showed that as an incidental finding, the claimant had actually previously suffered a small, silent stroke. The incidental finding was not specifically highlighted to the claimant’s GP and so as a result, the claimant remained unaware that he had suffered a stroke.

The claimant approached Thomson Snell & Passmore to investigate his claim. We obtained an expert report from a neurologist and a psychiatrist.

The expert’s view was that had the claimant been informed of the previous stroke, he would have received stroke prevention treatment, rigorous blood pressure monitoring and would have been placed on the stroke register. The claimant’s evidence was that if he had been told about the previous stroke, he would have stopped smoking and would have improved his overall lifestyle to minimise the risk of a stroke occurring. The claimant’s case was that these interventions would have prevented the large stroke.

As a result of the stroke, the claimant suffered an organic brain injury, resulting in a loss of dexterity and power in his left hand and weakness affecting his left shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers. He also suffered impaired eyesight in the left peripheral visual field of his left eye. He also suffered post-stroke depression and has become forgetful, easily distracted and emotionally sensitive.

George sent the defendant a Letter of Claim, following which liability was denied in full.

Despite the defendant’s denials, George continued to investigate the claimant’s case and successfully negotiated a six figure sum for the claimant.

George Liley specialises in clinical negligence cases. If you would like to ask George a question about a potential case, or if you have a general query about any clinical negligence matter, contact Gegeor at Thomson Snell & Passmore solicitors on 01892 701154 in confidence.


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