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Successful challenge of multiple and foreign wills

The Deceased passed away leaving an English will and 4 previous foreign wills, all made in the space of less than a year. Our client registered a caveat preventing an English Grant being sealed and proceedings contesting validity of the English will and the four previous foreign wills ensued. One of the beneficiaries of the multiple wills issued also proceedings in Poland alleging the last English Will is a fraud and asking for an order dividing the estate in accordance with the terms of the last one of the foreign (in this case, Polish) wills.

As a Defendant in the English will proceedings, our client alleged that all the wills are invalid for lack of capacity and the true last will and testament is an English will made many years prior to the Deceased’s death.  We filed a defence and counterclaim, that sparked intensive settlement discussions. We managed to reach an agreement on the basis of terms of which our client was not only able to secure for themselves a legacy they were expecting,  but also avoided the costs and stress of proceedings pending in two different jurisdictions.

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