Probate and Will, Trust & Estate Disputes

Court of Protection, Probate and Will, Trust & Estate Dispute teams work collaboratively on contentious and non-contentious cases

Our client lived with Mr X with whom she had a friendship. In 2012 solicitors were instructed by our client to transfer her second property to Mr X’s offshore company.  Excluding her second property, our client was estimated to have a stocks and shares portfolio of several  million and a number of other properties in the UK.  In addition substantial monies from our client’s UK accounts were transferred out to various offshore bank accounts. There was concern as to Mr X’s influence over our client

Our client had lost capacity. Our Court of Protection team were appointed Deputy to manage her affairs and, with the assistance of our Contentious Trusts & Probate team, they set about investigating our client’s financial affairs. This included instructing counsel and obtaining advice from counsel on the merits of a claim against Mr X arising from his involvement in our client’s financial affairs.  Unfortunately our client  died in the process of the investigations but our Contentious Trusts & Probate team continued to assist our Probate team by advising the executors of the estate on proposed proceedings against Mr X arising from his involvement in the deceased’s affairs, and on a potential negligence claim against our client’s 2012 solicitors.

Our Contentious Trusts & Probate team worked collaboratively with our Court of Protection team and Probate team to provide our client, and subsequently her executors, with the fullest advice on both the contentious and non-contentious elements of this case.

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