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Tenant injured because of damp compensated for his injuries

Compensation recovered for tenant injured by damp in his home that his landlord failed to rectify despite repeated requests.

Thomson Snell & Passmore, specialist personal injury lawyers acting for the claimant successfully obtained damages of £12,500 to compensate him for his pain and suffering having contracted a serious chest infection resulting in admission to hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumococcal septic arthritis.

Mr I had specifically been housed in sheltered accommodation because he was considered to be a vulnerable adult, having suffered from a chronic heart condition and asthma.  A few months after moving into the flat, he noticed that there was a damp problem.  Over a prolonged period of time, the damp conditions worsened.  He notified his landlord on a number of occasions but the damp conditions were not dealt with adequately or at all despite Mr I’s vulnerability. As a result of living in these conditions for a prolonged period, Mr I suffered a serious chest infection.  Ultimately, he had to have three operations.

The landlord admitted liability but denied that Mr I’s deterioration was caused by it.  Thomson Snell & Passmore obtained supportive medical evidence and after that was served, the defendant agreed a settlement without the need for court proceedings to be commenced.

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