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17 March 2017

BBC News interview involving consultant urologist Mr Paul Miller

James Cahan, Partner in the clinical negligence team at Thomson Snell & Passmore, spoke to BBC South East News about a recent Good Governance Institute (GGI) report, commissioned by the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.  The GGI report focusses on the issues surrounding the conduct of consultant urologist Mr Paul Miller, when he was working at the East Surrey Hospital, and identifies numerous failings in the way that the Trust dealt with concerns and complaints raised by staff members, as well as patients.

The BBC News article also highlights that the GGI report contains the suggestion that there may have been a financial conflict of interest relating to the use of the Holmium Laser by Mr Paul Miller at Gatwick Park Hospital.

James Cahan says;

“The Trust should be commended for taking a proactive approach to the issues identified now, even if much more should have been done at the time.  The issues surrounding potential financial conflicts of interest, and failures to follow-up on reports of such conflict, should be thoroughly investigated to ensure that the relevant safeguards are there, to stop this sort of thing from happening again.”

“If it is determined  [at the forthcoming inquest] that trial cancer treatments, like HIFU, were given to patients without informing them of the relatively experimental nature of that treatment (and offering alternatives), or if these treatments were used on patients who were unsuitable candidates for such treatment, then this would be deeply concerning.”

Thomson Snell & Passmore solicitors are representing one of ten families at the inquest due to take place in Horsham, where the conduct of Mr Miller is due to be investigated in full.  The inquest is currently set to take place in May 2017.

If you have any concerns about any oncology or urology treatment you have received (NHS or private) please contact the specialist medical negligence team on 01892 510000

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