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14 January 2021

Some key takeaways for the food and drinks sector


Despite a trade deal between the United Kingdom and Europe being reached, businesses in the food and drinks sector will face a plethora of changes in 2021.

Particularly in an industry that faces difficulties in attracting and retaining staff (plus the problems it currently faces due to the pandemic), a significant change will be the end to the freedom of movement and the introduction of a new, more restrictive sponsorship system. (See the article by our employment team for greater detail (

In addition, the red-tape at the border may impact businesses whose fresh produce comes from, or is exported to Europe.

Cumulatively, these changes may in particular prompt small and medium-sized businesses, without the resources to track these changes, to reconsider the extent of their own ties with Europe. However, the industry’s sentiment will only emerge in the months and years to come.

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