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Compensation for mesothelioma recovered for wife of marine engineer exposed to asbestos

This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Chemical Poisoning & Asbestos team who recently negotiated a six figure settlement for the wife of a marine engineer who was exposed to asbestos from 1945 to 1950.

From 1945 to 1950, Mr A was employed by Harland & Wolff as an apprentice before being taken on as a marine engineer for them in Woolwich, London. In the course of his employment on board ships, Mr A was exposed to large quantities of asbestos dust. He worked mainly in the engine rooms and regularly knocked old asbestos lagging off pipework using a hammer and chisel. He also regularly worked in close proximity to laggers who mixed up asbestos lagging by tipping sacks of dry asbestos powder into drums before applying asbestos lagging to pipework. Asbestos dust and debris lay on the floor for days and was trodden underfoot. Mr A swept up asbestos dust and debris from floors on a regular basis. In all of these ways he was exposed to substantial quantities of asbestos dust in the atmosphere which he inhaled. No protective clothing or mask were ever provided to Mr A who went on to develop mesothelioma in 2010.

Sadly, Mr A died before we could recover any compensation for him. However, we went on to negotiate a full value six figure settlement for his wife. Mrs A was very pleased that the claim originally brought by her husband was successful.

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