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Faulty bicycle causes crash resulting in serious injuries

Miss P was an 18 year old budding athlete who was out riding as part of a training weekend in the Yorkshire Dales. As she descended a hill she noticed the handlebars becoming loose on her bicycle, but was unable to reach the brake levers in time. Miss P was unable to reduce speed despite putting her foot onto a grass verge, resulting in her colliding head first into a stone wall.

Miss P was knocked unconscious and when she regained consciousness experienced symptoms of concussion, including blurred vision, post traumatic amnesia over 24 hours, marked headache, dizziness and nausea. She sustained a fractured nose, bruising to her forehead, lacerations to her lip and two damaged front teeth, one of which was displaced and one broken. Miss P also sustained bruising and lacerations to her shoulder and torso.

The bike was purchased from The Tri Store, who admitted liability, stating they had failed to adequately assemble the bicycle to ensure it was safe to use.

Jonathan Herbert was instructed by Miss P and obtained a report from a Consultant Neurologist. The expert concluded that her acute brain injury could be classified as a severe. He was of the opinion that Miss P had suffered a subtle closed brain injury, secondary to diffuse axonal injury. He did not consider her symptoms would improve further and that she was at risk of post traumatic epilepsy and had an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. A Neuropsychologist expert agreed that Miss P had suffered a brain injury, with relatively minor cognitive deficits, and a likely significant psychiatric injury.

As the case headed to trial, offers of settlement were exchanged. Jonathan Herbert, specialist personal injury lawyer, negotiated a settlement of £60,000 for the Claimant, to compensate her for her injuries and out of pocket expenses together with potential loss of future earnings.

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