Clinical Negligence

Injuries caused by defective products

This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Personal Injury team who ensure that a client’s prognosis is clear before advising them to settle their claim. The settlement recovered in this case included the cost of necessary ongoing treatment.

Where possible we will ensure that clients get the treatment recommended by the medical experts before we settle the claim. This is because there are never any guarantees that the treatment will work first time, as was the case for this client.

Mr O sustained injury to his front tooth when he bit into a sandwich he had made containing a well known supermarket’s own brand of coleslaw. He found that a hard piece of cabbage stalk had been left in the coleslaw.

The root of the tooth was broken and the tooth had to be extracted. Mr O suffered from bone loss following the tooth extraction and had to undergo a bone graft and a section of bone from his chin was grafted to the extraction area. However, this became infected and a further bone graft was necessary.

Unfortunately, the second graft also failed. He was referred to a reconstructive dental surgeon who recommended a specialist bridge to replace the lost tooth.

The supermarket admitted liability and settlement was agreed in sum of £23,500 to take account of the need for the drawn out and painful treatment. The compensation also included the cost of his private dental treatment.

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