Probate and Will, Trust & Estate Disputes

Instructed by the claimant

Instructed by the claimant, being one of two sisters in respect of their late father’s estate who had realised that her sister, the defendant, had plundered their father’s modest estate. Thomson Snell & Passmore’s Trust Corporation was appointed as an Independent Administrator to administer the estate. The defendant, had proved her father’s Will and had realised and spent all of the money in the deceased’s accounts. That Will was ultimately declared invalid by the Court and an earlier Will was ordered to be admitted to Probate. The correct Will was proved. This administration process was made difficult and protracted by the two warring sisters together with spells of non-communication. It was further hampered by some of the beneficiaries spending time at her majesty’s pleasure. Despite this, by careful management the estate was brought to a successful conclusion and the assets were distributed to the beneficiaries.

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