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Mesothelioma compensation recovered for a Maidstone Prison Trades Officer

We have successfully negotiated an undisclosed six figure settlement for a former electrician who developed mesothelioma after occupational exposure to asbestos at Maidstone Prison.

Mr K was exposed to asbestos at Maidstone Prison from 1964. Despite specialist laggers being contracted to install large quantities of asbestos, he was required to apply some asbestos lagging himself. He described areas where asbestos was mixed up by both trades officers and contracted asbestos laggers where the asbestos was poured from sacks on to plastic sheeting, mixed with water and moved by shovel or bucket. Vast quantities of asbestos dust were released into the air which he breathed in. Once placed, the asbestos lagging was covered with chicken wire and waterproof sheeting.

Thereafter, Mr K was exposed to asbestos when installing cabling behind asbestos which had been placed for insulation in underground rooms where there was no ventilation. Mr K also had to frequently disturb asbestos when maintaining the prison’s alarm and general electrical circuitry. Mr K also cleared up small areas of asbestos waste which also generated clouds of dust which was inhaled. Mr K was never provided with any equipment to prevent him inhaling asbestos fibres.

A letter of claim was written pursuant to the Pre-Action Protocol for Disease and Illness Claims. It became necessary to issue proceedings in the High Court Mesothelioma Fast Track but soon after that it was confirmed that liability was not in issue. Thereafter, judgment for damages to be assessed was entered with an order for an interim payment of £50,000. Within a month thereafter settlement negotiations concluded for compensation plus legal costs.


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