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Mesothelioma compensation recovered for wife of a plumber in Middlesex

This case study demonstrates the expertise of our Chemical Poisoning & Asbestos team. The team recently negotiated a full value settlement for the wife of a former prison worker who developed mesothelioma after ten years’ exposure to asbestos working at Ashford Remand Centre in Middlesex.

Mr L became a plumber/fitter for HM Prison Service in 1961. His work involved removing repairing and maintaining pipe-work, boilers and plant rooms.

The Remand Centre at Ashford was previously a county orphanage and was refurbished in 1959. The pipe-work failed requiring Mr L to repair as and when leaks were found which happened on a regular basis. This meant that Mr L knocked off the crumbling asbestos lagging surrounding the pipes with a trowel and swept that mess up before attending to the pipes. Mr L was also present when work mates re-applied replacement asbestos lagging. The relagging was usually carried out by trained plasterers who were better able than Mr L to do this. Mr L stood along side his work mates as they mixed up the asbestos which was then applied. All this work created substantial clouds of asbestos dust in the air that Mr L breathed in.

Unfortunately for Mr L, no protective clothing or mask were ever provided to him and he went on to develop mesothelioma. We recovered an undisclosed six figure settlement for his wife.

We first met Mr P about a week after his diagnosis. Sadly, he died soon after but we went on to negotiate a full value settlement for his wife.

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