Probate and Will, Trust & Estate Disputes

Probate dispute

We acted for the adult children of the deceased (their mother) in a claim against the will brought by their step-father (their mother’s husband). The step-father was separated from the deceased at her time of death and no financial provision was made for him in the will. The step-father allegedly carried out works to the deceased’s property and brought claims including: (1) for a share in the deceased’s properties (2) against the validity of the deceased’s will and (3) for financial provision under the Inheritance Act 1975.

We advised our clients to defend the claim strongly, which they did. Court proceedings were issued by the step-father due to time restrictions and the claim was resolved at mediation after a period of time testing his claims and insisting upon him providing full disclosure of his financial position. We were able to advise our clients and resolve the claims quickly and on good terms for our clients.

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