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2 August 2017

Cot mattress maker Kit for Kids in Sevenoaks raises £3.7m from investors

A cot mattress manufacturer has secured £3.7 million from investors to meet growing demand in the UK and abroad.

Kit for Kids, based in Sevenoaks, raised the money after a fundraising round led by advisory firm Castle Corporate Finance.

The company, which also makes changing mats and baby pillows, has operations in the UK, Dubai, and Virginia, plus trading relationships across 30 countries.

The investment will allow it to meet increasing demand for its mattress products from existing retail customers.

Founder and chief executive Jan van der Velde said: “This investment enables us to ensure we can keep pace with increasing demand from our customers, roll out growth that’s already underway and exploit the wide range of further expansion opportunities that are out there.”

Launched in 1993, the company employs about 130 people and began manufacturing its mattresses in Romania in 1995.

Partner, commented “It is always a pleasure to advise a growing company such as Kit for Kids in relation to securing investment transactions like this and we wish them well with their continued growth.”

Kit for Kids was also advised by Victoria Ansell of Castle Corporate Finance in Tonbridge.

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