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28 November 2023

Here for You – November 2023

Welcome to our latest Here for You. In this edition, we have included a range of articles from across our Wills, Estate & Tax Planning, Probate, Residential Property & Conveyancing and Family teams.

Resolution’s Awareness Week starts this week, which focuses on its ‘Vision for Family Justice’. This outlines changes which need to be made to address the current issues facing the family justice system, with cohabitation highlighted as a key area of reform. We look at the rights of cohabiting couples and how you can best protect yourself legally and financially.

With Christmas around the corner, holiday arrangements present challenges for separated parents with children. Our Family team provide an insight into how to plan ahead to mitigate these challenges.

Ahead of the Listed Property Show in February, Sue Bowman answers commonly asked questions about listed properties.

We have included some essential tips for getting your affairs in order to better protect your loved ones upon death. We also look at estate planning for business owners and offer an update on current timings for the probate process.

As always, if you have any questions about these or any other topics, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What rights do cohabiting couples have and how can they best protect themselves?

With Cohabitation Awareness Week coming up at the end of November, Amy Lane and Desmond O’Donnell answer common questions about cohabitation. They explore legal rights in relation to money and property, finances for cohabiting couples including Inheritance Tax, and how you can make yourself financially resilient.

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How to agree child arrangements at Christmas

Writing for the Times of Tunbridge Wells, Helen Waite from our Family team addresses Christmas planning challenges for separated parents with children. She provides an insight into holiday arrangements during the festive period.

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What should you know about buying and owning a listed property?

Ahead of the Listed Property Show at London Olympia on 2 and 3 February 2024, Sue Bowman in our Residential Property & Conveyancing team answers common questions about listed properties.

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Dying tidily: How to ensure your affairs are in order

Many people want to ensure that when they die, their estate is in good order for their loved ones. In a recent article for The Telegraph, Fiona Higgott provides essential tips for a seamless transition, minimising the stress for your loved ones during a challenging period.

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How long is the probate process currently taking?

Coping with the loss of a loved one is always challenging, and the probate process adds to the difficulty. Helen Stewart looks into the delays at the Probate Registry and what steps are being taken to address the delays.

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Estate planning for business owners

As business owners approach retirement, it is important to consider estate planning, especially if you are thinking about selling your business. Simon Mitchell and Amy Lane recently looked at key considerations for Thinking Business.

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