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29 September 2023

Here for you – September 2023

Welcome to the latest Here for You, which, as always it contains a range of articles and insights into legal topics that may be affecting you or your loved ones. In this edition we look at the importance of pensions in divorce, explore the rules around inheriting crypto assets, offer some guidance on estate planning for blended families, highlight the dangers of unregulated will writers, offer advice for those benefitting from an estate and discuss how employment settlement packages work.

I hope you find these useful. As ever, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Why pensions are an important asset during a divorce

Despite the intrinsic value of a pension, it is a matrimonial asset that is often overlooked, or ignored, when spouses negotiate a financial settlement upon divorce. Anna Woodhoo looks at how pensions are dealt with in divorce.

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Can crypto assets be inherited?

Good news for cryptocurrency investors, as crypto can be inherited upon death. Helen Maddison-White shows how crypto assets can be passed down to beneficiaries named in your will, unless held under a license.

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Estate planning for blended families

With over 6 million ‘blended’ families in the UK, it is critical that they know the legal implications of this increasingly modern family. This makes the creation of wills even more important. Fiona Higgott assesses the use of mirror wills for blended families and how to ensure all your loved ones are protected.

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Investigations into unregulated will writers puts the question of who should write your back in the spotlight

In July, it was announced that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) would be re-investigating unregulated will writers over possible breaches of consumer law. Charlotte Thomas looks at how this issue has sparked calls for will writing to be made a ‘reserved legal activity’ and what this could mean for your will.

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Estate planning for beneficiaries

Your inheritance may change your personal circumstances and you should take the steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. Simon Mitchell provides a guide on what you can do should you inherit a substantial legacy, or part of an estate.

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Settlement Agreements

Nick Hobden, Ben Stepney and Jessica Wells discuss settlement agreements in our latest video.

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